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~My Fav Picture~
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~CN BlueRoyalBoices~

Sunday, December 7, 2014

~Dia Si Katak Puru~

The storyline was quite interesting.
I was once a Uni student, so this novel did manage to bring me down the memory lane~ although I don't like the twist n turn in the middle of the story, I still glued to the novel towards the end. It still worth 4 stars for me and I recommended this book to all novel lovers.

~Suamiku Paling Sweet~

Just finished reading this book.
This was the first time after my so many attempted finishing a novel in one day, I managed to get all the emotion the write tried to convey in her writing. Fuh! Good job Anjell. This was her 2nd book and she still had the groove. Although I came across a few grammar mistakes and typing errors, but since the storyline was quite nice throughout the end, it managed to cover the flaws so well. I recommended this book to all novel-avid readers. 👍👍

Thursday, January 30, 2014

KDrama: My Love From Another Star

This new airing drama is superb! I love Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon characters a lot. They suit each other really well. I recommended this drama to all kdrama lovers. I've never missed any ep since the first one. It will never bored u. I promised! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another superb Kdrama

Ottoke~ I should be sleeping right now since tomorrow is school day. I was tweeting when suddenly I remembered that the new drama starring Lee Donggun n Yong Hwa was aired tonite. So, I tried my luck n ★walla!★ they already subbed it. Woo hoo~ So, hopefully I won't be late for school tomorrow. ~^^

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kdrama: I Miss You

A heart-breaking melodrama by these three superb actors~
Life has been very cruel for Harry Borrison since he was young. His uncle tried to kill his mother just to get the money that his father had left before he died. Harry managed to free himself but was badly bitten by the dogs. He then met Soo Yeon, who was raped n was left out by her so-called boyfriend, Han Jung Woo. Life began to get better for them when a nurse paid by Harry's mother, took them abroad and raised them well. But, when the nurse was suddenly murdered in her mansion in Korea, that was when a love triangle began.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kdrama: Nice Guy/Innocent Man

Have u watch the latest drama by Song Joong Ki? The title is-Nice Guy or Innocent Man. Only one word to describe it-AWESOME! The plot is interesting, the actors were all superb.

The way he expresses himself in this drama make me melt on my seat all the time-From the 1st ~ until the last episode. He managed to make me loved and hated him at the same. Kang Ma Roo was a strong character with full of emotions. He tried his best to take full revenged towards his ex-girlfriend but he couldn't resist  to fall in love with his ex's step-daughter. During the lost of Eun Gi, Kang Ma Roo finally revealed his true feeling to his bestfriend and as we know only bestfriend knows his friend better than anyone else~

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jdrama-Switch Girl

This is another Jdrama that had capture my attention. As we all know most of the Jdramas were taken from their famous manga and this drama is one of them. It followed the life of Nika who has two different characters while at home and school. In each episodes you will encounter hillarious things that she did in order to make sure her secret is safe and sound. This drama really help me released my stress after working the whole day. 


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